My Journey

When I was very small, I was open, full of awe and joy; and, I was quite perceptive. I bet you were too. I was fully in the flow of life, inquiring into what is, feeling what I felt, responding and expressing myself clearly, sometimes to the dismay of those around me who may have found it inconvenient…and who hasn’t had this experience in some way and to some degree?

As my life continued, I learned that I was “sensitive”; that my feelings were a bit of a problem really. I translated some of the messages I heard to “I shouldn’t feel certain ways, like sad or mad or desirous”, “I’m wrong for feeling so much so often”. And so I learned, not easily mind you, to block those feelings, to stop listening to some or all of the messages that I could potentially have access to. And bit by bit, my awe, my joy, my openness became more dull and harder to find.

Sad story, I know. Of course we have to learn as children how to live with others in society, and sometimes the execution of this process results in us shutting down. We don’t necessarily learn the skills we need to live with the feelings we experience.

There are other reasons people shut down and close themselves off to their sensations. Sometimes a traumatic event leaves us in a freeze response, not just physically, but potentially emotionally and mentally as well. We have all been subjected to trauma of some type, more or less severe.

Our culture tends to value thinking over feeling, when in fact utilizing the two harmoniously would allow us to reach our fullest potential. We learn to think our way through things, sometimes to great disadvantage, because our trust in our feeling sensing ability may have been undermined, albeit often well meaningly.

Awareness of what we are sensing in this and every moment allows us to make sound decisions, to know where we are really at with things in real time – an invaluable asset as we make our way through life. Professionally, romantically, in friendship, parenting, through the wild backcountry and in the crazy chaotic city, there isn’t one aspect of our lives that is not affected by this capacity.

Growing up in an active family, physical exercise was just a given. We moved our bodies. Alot. I can’t remember how old I was when I became aware that I almost always felt better in every way after some physical activity. I have and do treasure my time doing sports, martial arts, gymnastics, dance, yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, climbing, hiking, sailing, paddling and a host of other activities.

When I discovered Nonlinear Movement though, I knew I had found a resonant practice that aligned with my values as a homeopath, as a healer, as an astute human being. This method is a gentle, individual, holistic, body-wisdom guided, powerful healing tool; the very equivalent of what I do with my clients in my healing practice, only in the form of movement instead of microdoses of natural substances.

How is life with more awareness, more feeling, more sensing, more clarity, more flow, greater access to inherent wisdom and pleasure? You definitely want to come and find out!

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