Is this dance? What if I have two left feet?

This practice is movement to music, and in that respect, it is like dance. However, there are no specific movements to learn. Your two left feet will be just fine since you move how your body wants to move.  If you are asking this question because you don’t like other people watching you dance, that’s covered, everyone has their eyes closed.

What if I have injuries or my mobility is limited?

This practice can be done in any position, hands and knees, lying down, sitting, standing, kneeling, etc and each participant is encouraged to move only to the degree that keeps them and their body safe. Subtle movements can and do result in releasing stuck patterns on every level. It truly is for everyone.

What exactly are we doing?

This practice is done on a yoga mat, both to cushion your body and to give you a spatial sense of awareness about where you are because you will be moving your body with your eyes closed. Your eyes remain closed to keep you focused internally while you do the practice.

There is no right or wrong way to do Nonlinear Movement. There are no tests, no levels, just a few simple rules to guide you to an experience of opening awareness into your sensing and feeling embodied state.