About Mary Jo

Mary Jo has a strong personal practice of inquiring into “what is”. She is enthusiastic to support others in this process, as what often results is increased freedom from self imposed or perceived limitations and reconnection with the most authentic self.

Curiosity and introspection led her to begin her career as a research scientist. These qualities also inspired her interest in the spiritual journey, healing and interpersonal connection. While it is a process to integrate these, Mary Jo brings a grounded and practical quality to the mysteries that surround us and pervade us.

With determined persistence and a gentle heart, she holds space while sharing her practice. Her flexible multi-faceted perspective and deep sense of self and connectedness offer a unique opportunity to be held.

She draws unspeakable joy from time in nature and deep connection with self and others, and loves to share her contemplation and movement practices. She has studied and practiced homeopathy for over 2 decades and is certified by the Council for Homeopathic Certification.

Mary Jo is an authorized teacher of The Nonlinear Movement Method®.

Read about my journey with The Nonlinear Movement Method®


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